Focusing On Every Aspect Of Your Business.

A business is the sum of all its parts working together. Consulting, like our coaching, focuses on improving your business’s overall health. While coaching focuses on your business’s day-to-day aspects, consulting looks at the health and vital signs of your business by analyzing both “the big picture” and the infrastructure underneath that holds it all together.

Our consulting gives attention to the details that other companies overlook. We drill down from the macro to the micro level to better understand how each aspect of your company works together to tell a larger story. We work with you to address problems and their root causes for permanent solutions not temporary fixes while also finding growth opportunities.

Consulting People

Our consulting work focuses on a variety of aspects of your business, including:

  • Leadership and Management Best Practices
  • Foundational Vision, Mission, Purpose, Core Values development and deployment
  • Improving operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Organizational structure development
  • Growing revenues and profits
  • Expanding into new markets
  • Launching new products and services
  • Developing administrative processes and procedures
  • Branding, marketing and advertising planning, budgeting, and content creative development
  • Recruiting, hiring, training, and coaching new salespeople, sales managers, sales coordinators, and recruiting support for all other positions
  • Customer Care, Communication and Client Experience
  • Sales and Selling
  • Sales Management
  • Training and role and performance development of existing staff
  • Attending to the personal needs of your team so they can perform in their roles

While our consulting services are generally geared towards company leadership team members, we can provide consulting to specific departments and personnel as needed.

We offer a variety of levels of service based on your company’s needs. We work both on-site and remotely. Clients get access to our proprietary content via a customized file sharing application and we utilize a productive communication platform to keep all communications organized by topic in one central location. We can also develop customized content as needed.

Is consulting right for you?

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What people are saying

HVAC Sellutions has helped us grow our highly successful plumbing business from having no salespeople to a total of six salespeople in less than four years and from almost nothing in HVAC equipment sales to multiple millions with double-digit net profitability. Drew has helped recruit, hire, and train everyone of our salespeople, our Sales Manager, and our Sales Coordinator and has provided us with the tools, knowledge and resources for us to continue our exponential growth, expand our product offerings, increase our service territory, and achieve our vision of being the premier residential services company in the Greater Hartford area."

Stephen Birch

Aiello Home Services Windsor Locks, CT

Drew, I thought you would like to see the final shot of our scrap bin; 14 systems in 1 week. A new company record. And we made 17% net on the week. In fact, we have had company sales records 8 months in a row, which means we will have a record year. We are achieving everything I knew we could, and are doing so faster than I expected with your help. Thanks for all you do.

Dan Weltman

Weltman, Plumbing, Heating & Air Roselle, NJ

The King of Rock Stars in our industry when it comes to residential sales.

Phil Jeffers, President

Energy Design Systems, Inc.

Drew delivers a sales seminar worth seeing…I was thoroughly entertained and left wanting more.

Adams Hudson, President & Marketing Genius

Hudson Ink

Drew is the shining light for us to follow. By the way, I know Drew would never say this but I have seen sales departments that he has personally set up. When I ran my contracting business I thought managing a TEAM of salespeople was next to impossible. Drew showed me that it was not only possible, but it is the reality that he creates everyday for those lucky enough to talk with him.

Joe Crisara, HVAC Dream Maker & President

Big Time Business Development

In a field of self-appointed 'experts', Drew is a consummate professional who has truly lived the business.

He was born into the HVAC trade, worked his way through, was 'front line' during the consolidation run-up, worked for a multi-location franchise, became a Best Practices trainer. Whenever he wasn't learning 'on the job', he passionately sought self-training, melding his vast experiences into his own, uniquely packaged training. And this is where Drew has flourished.

Drew is always willing to give a bit more, commit to unlock the real solution to client needs. And see them through to the end with passion.

Adams Hudson

Having attended this class with professional sales personnel from outside of the HVAC industry, I can truly appreciate its effectiveness as a turnkey solution for beginners. Our first attendee sold over $60,000 in residential replacement his first 3 weeks with zero HVAC experience prior to this class and was on track to sell over $800K his first year with double digit net profits..

Kevin Carney

Carney Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Hatfield, PA

Hey Drew, just wanted to thank you for the training we received from you and Russ. It's nice to get a fresh perspective and not the same old stale sales training. I especially enjoyed the mindset and positive thinking points. Too many people lack that in their lives. Best wishes my man!

Mark Andrade

Sales Manager Honeys Air and Solar

Drew helped me hire a few of our salespeople and trained them as well. I found his materials and style to be very engaging, entertaining, and educational. If you hire someone with sales ability and mechanical aptitude, Drew can make them a successful HVAC salesperson very quickly.

J.D. Vigil

J.D. Vigil’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Talk to Drew Cameron. Never in my life have I tried techniques that work as good as his. I actually look forward to making sales calls.

Dennis Holland, President

Custom Heating in Camden, TN

We are just completing the training of one new salesperson & we are currently recruiting (2) new ones. I had tried it myself a few times & had horrible success. I went to a seminar and met a sales trainer/consultant who is incredible! His name is Drew Cameron (Flow Odyssey), and he is capable of recruiting, screening, technical training for salespeople, sales process training, and ride along with coaching. He can take a person who knows nothing about the HVAC business and turn him into a real star. I am extremely happy with his performance so far.

Chris Link

Link Mechanical, Inc. New Britain, CT

Hello Drew! My name is David V., and you had mentioned it would be ok to reach out for some recommended suggestions you had regarding the elimination of anxiety. I had explained how the negative thoughts I experience with worrying can have its toll! I want to take my game up a level and I need a more positive mindset to achieve the next step. I want you to know I was able to connect with your teachings which is normally hard for me because of a brain injury which often blocks out my ability to focus while in a classroom environment. Thanks for the uplifting experience!